Those living with HIV love Congresswoman Barbara Lee. Heres why.

Congresswoman Barbara Lee

Congresswoman Barbara Lee, co-chair of the Congressional HIV/AIDS Caucus, releases a  statement commemorating World AIDS Day

+ I seriously just love to hear from Congresswoman Barbara Lee‘s messages on important awareness days throughout the year. This year, Congresswoman Lee released the following:

“As we mark World AIDS Day, we pause to remember those we have lost to this terrible disease and recommit to the work of ending AIDS by 2030.

“Over the past 35 years, we have made tremendous strides in preventing and treating HIV/AIDS. Thanks to the tireless efforts of researchers, policymakers, public health workers and community activists, our goal of an AIDS-free generation is now in sight.

“However, much work remains to defeat this terrible disease. More than 36 million people around the world are living with HIV/AIDS and many communities still struggle to access lifesaving testing and treatment. In order to defeat HIV/AIDS, we must tackle stigma and ensure that our efforts are reaching every community, in the US and abroad.

“To start, I urge my colleagues to pass my REPEAL HIV Discrimination Act, H.R. 1586, which would be a key step in ending unfair and unjust HIV criminalization laws on the books in over 30 states. We cannot defeat AIDS without repealing outdated and unscientific laws that breed fear, discrimination and distrust for those living with the virus.

“We must also ensure that adolescent girls and young women around the world are empowered to prevent HIV through comprehensive education and testing. Every day, more than 1,000 girls are infected with HIV. As we work to end AIDS, we must make public health investments that empower young women and advance our goals of gender equity.

“The theme of this year’s World AIDS Day is ‘Leadership. Commitment. Impact.’ Now more than ever, Congress should allocate substantial resources to defeat this pandemic. I am proud of the longstanding bipartisan support for the fight against HIV/AIDS and I am committed to redoubling our efforts to eliminate this disease once and for all.”

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