Conflict of Interest Disclosures for Josh Robbins



Currently, I am owner of BNA Talent Group and Brandagement, LLC, offering talent and social media influencers in chronic health conditions for consulting on pharmaceutical companies interactions with patients on social media and other health-related campaigns, as well as strategic marketing, new product development, social media, market research and consulting services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, healthcare and life science companies and nonprofits respectively. Further information is available on the company sites: BNA Talent Group & Brandagement, LLC.

Clients have been and/or are:
Healthline, HIV Plus magazine, Trial Reach, United Way, Planned Parenthood, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Quest Diagnostics, Volttage Buzz, Johnson & Johnson, State of Tennessee Health Department, Nashville CARES, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, AIDS.gov, The White House, Self Care Analytics, Emory University Center for AIDS Research, AMP Study, O&AN, Thrive^615, #GetYaSumGood, MSlisaSAYS, and NAPO Pharmaceuticals, DatingPositives, INSTI, among others.

No Sponsorship of Blog Posts:

Blog posts may be written about companies that are former, current or prospective clients of BNA Talent Group or Brandagement, LLC and about therapeutic areas the companies (or represented clients) currently work in or may have worked on in the past from an influencer, patient consultant, or from a branding and/or advertising and marketing perspective. From time to time, content posted on this website or the social profiles associated with my own HIV advocacy could support the marketing objectives set forth by my brand management company or my talent influencer agency that is educational to patients and supporters, newsworthy in the HIV awareness space, and beneficial to clients of that consultancy (mine or my represented clients). However, no content posted on this site is guaranteed to any client of my agency, buyer of influencer services, or client of my brand management consultancy regardless of therapeutic focus. I maintain a strict line of editorial decision-making and/or approval when deciding what informational, educational, or entertainment editorial content is placed on this site or any related social media profiles I might administrate. If any content appears on imstilljosh.com, it is posted solely for the enjoyment of the readership without direct regard to the benefit shared by the client in my separate brand management consultancy or a buyer from the influencer talent management agency. However, for the purpose of ultimate clarity when applicable in my opinion, I willingly and deliberately over-disclose to prevent any miscommunication or misunderstanding beyond what is required by law or ethics. I am happy to disclose relationships and funding sources. When posting an article on imstilljosh.com, the content is completely independent of any relationship of my agency or consultancy, and unless otherwise noted, I am speaking and publishing on my own opinion, and these posts (unless clearly disclosed otherwise at the top of the article) may or may not be the opinion of my clients–I am not their spokesperson. For clarity, if I am acting in a capacity as a  spokesperson or a representative of a client that is acting as a spokesperson, I will disclose that information to readers and followers. It’s the right thing to do, and I’ve always done that.

However, no posts have been written on behalf of any biotechnology, nonprofit, pharmaceutical company or health information websites. I have not accepted any paid advertising, sponsorship or promotion directly. I have been involved in campaigns from a consultant, social media influencer, and representative of an influencer and believed the content, information, or program should be given space on this site. I clearly mark those as sponsored as well as write a disclosure in the text of the article. They are usually funny in nature as I try to make the bland disclosure more seen by the readership. I am considering display advertising. Should any sponsored content or content be placed as advertisement or in benefit of a sponsor or advertiser, I will clearly identify such content and label it clearly with: “sponsored by” “sponsored content” “paid content” “advertisement” or “paid placement.” On social media, this content or promotion is labeled clearly as well. 

All posts represent my own independent editorial opinion and do not represent the views of any client’s or buyer’s companies. I am not a doctor and I do not advise readers on any medical therapy. I do share my own journey from time to time. But recognize this may not be typical results or your own journey. Please consult your doctors. I also have hired professional journalists from time to time for fact-based articles. Although, I pay these journalists for their time and content, I do not influence those articles with my bias. I don’t even edit their submitted posts. If I do decide to make any structural changes, I will clearly mark them as “editors note.” I don’t claim any responsibility for these articles’ facts as I have not independently verified all/any of their claims or links. These journalists are considered professionals in their fields.

I do not own stock in any pharmaceutical or biotechnology company with the exception of any that may be purchased as part of a retirement mutual fund, or from on online site or application that is hardly enough to consider (less than $100) without my active involvement. Should this change, I will notify you that I am acting in their behalf.

I do not have any affiliate marketing links on my blog. I do not make any commission on any products that I may discuss or mention on my site. I find affiliate marketing to be against my desire for meaningful, transparent relationships. I do offer at times, reviews of a product and I typical ask the manufacturer of those products or services to simply offer my readership some sort of incentive or deal, resulting in a percentage off a product or service.  This is for the enjoyment of my readership and doesn’t involve any additionally compensation as the publisher of this website. Should this change, I will clearly identify and mark such opportunity as such. 

If I decide to allow any paid advertising banners on my site, they will be identified as such with the text “ad” or “advertisement” on the actual banner advertisement as well as above the advertisement (if possible) in each widget or side bar space. However, these paid advertisements will NOT have ANY editorial influence over the content of this website. These advertisements are paid for the monthly space or click thru traffic only. A disclaimer that you are leaving this website to another website is provided through a third party, integrated website plugin. 

Here’s how I make money, if any year: 1) I am sometimes invited to speak at conferences based on my story and my use of social media. I am typically paid a small honorarium for my time, preparation, and expertise. This also includes payment for my travel, lodging and meals and possibly a traveling partner of mine. 2) I am sometimes hired by clients to administer their social media accounts since I have expertise in social media specifically in sexual health. Again, this is what I do for a living regardless of my blog. 3) I am sometimes hired to be a consultant for companies digital and/or social media strategies and to offer my professional opinion on how they can better connect with their clients as well as if they can, if they should, or how they can work with social media influencers. I am paid a below-average retainer for these services. These companies may include HIV-related publications, products, and companies. 4) I am sometimes hired to engage influencers in the same therapeutic or another chronic condition, and I utilize the services of BNA Talent Group for this purpose. 5) As an early adopter of technology, I create content of various types and forms. These are typically available for a minimal charge on services like iTunes, Apple Books, Amazon, among others. It is typically also available on other digital sites for purchase. There are sites and formats that are offered free of charge. If you cannot afford  content that I have created. Please email me and I will give a good-faith best effort to provide that content to you free of charge. 6) I am considering syndicating a video news beat to organizations. If I provide this weekly news piece, I may charge a monthly fee for their use of my original content. This covers the cost of the equipment, originally secured and licensed music, graphics and programs for editing. 7) I am hired to post promotional messages and ads on my social media accounts and sometimes am paid for this in a broader agreement for my expertise and consulting professionally. These messages will be marked: #ad, #spokesperson, or #sponsored.

Bottom line- I’ve made much less than I’ve spent on this site. But I wanted to be transparent with you. Email me if you have any questions: josh@imstilljosh.com.


Updated 08/31/21

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