These Indiana Students Take HIV Awareness In Their Own Hands

When their home town and surrounding counties became the topic of conversation for an HIV outbreak emergency, students in one high school decide to do something about it.  And it’s pretty great!

Maybe Chandler Brown and Holli Anderson didn’t know a lot about HIV until recently like most normal high school teenagers, but you can’t call them unaware today.  You should call them hometown HIV educators for their entire school.

According to a feature on PBS, Students in rural Indiana are suddenly experts on HIV:

As a response… classmates rushed to release a special edition of the student newspaper, The Eagle, that focused on the outbreak. Articles profiled at-risk residents, dispelled rumors and discussed the impact of the outbreak on the town. 

Watch the interview and hear their stories.  It’s actually quite amazing!

Congrats students!  This HIV activist is proud to know you are the future (and in many ways the current) for HIV awareness in America.  I’m proud of these students. Aren’t you?

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