Pozitively Dee Talks #UequalsU and #NBHAAD in HIV Community Convos by Napo Pharma #sponsored

You must watch this conversation!

HIV Community Conversations presented by Napo Pharmaceuticals: Davina Conner Otaler Discussing #NBHAAD 

This series has become something that I am extremely excited about every month with each new episode and with each new guest. It has taught me that I don’t do enough listening in the community and therefore sometimes miss some important perspectives and don’t understand some of the experiences for other people in the HIV space.

Dee is an incredible activist and has proven how committed she is to the cause and recently she went on a multi-state U=U journey in her van and she discusses what that meant to her. 

She also discusses National Black HIV & AIDS Awareness Day and answers a tough question: are we really in this together? (the theme for #NBHAAD 2020) 

Thank you, as always, to Napo Pharmaceuticals for asking me to host this monthly show for them on Facebook. They really are trying to give the community a venue to have important conversations outside the typical conferences and events in the HIV community.

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