Activist Alert: @Publix Denying PrEP Truvada to Employees

Grocery store chain, Publix, is sending out denial letters for employees who get prescriptions for the FDA-approved indication of Truvada as PrEP.

I am shocked at this. This is insanity! And pressure has to be put on Publix and their Group Health Benefit Committee to stop sending out denial letters and to start covering the HIV prevention method, PrEP.

In a third and final (?) denial letter, the representatives from Publix denied covering Truvada because it goes against their outdated  criteria for their prescription benefit plan for their employees.


This is outrageous.

Why won’t Publix change their policy and start covering the FDA-approved HIV prevention method accepted and used by everyone else including the CDC, WHO, and written in the updated President’s National HIV/AIDS Strategy? They know how to sell groceries, but they don’t know more than the infectious disease and HIV prevention experts!


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