Publix Reverses Decision; PrEP Covered for Employees

In November 2016 the story broke that the large grocery store chain was denying PrEP prescriptions for employees. Now that is changed.

Publix never responded to [imstilljosh] and my repeated attempts at public comment about their decision to deny a local Nashville employees’ valid prescription from their doctor for HIV prevention pill, PrEP.

This week Publix announced, after a public shaming from activists and progressive organizations, they would start covering PrEP for employees.

Josh Robbins vs. Publix

Here’s one of the original videos, I placed on social media to alert the community of these actions:

Publix just announced they would cover the HIV prevention pill, Truvada for PrEP.

Good news to all! This a solid example of how digital and social media are changing the way that manage our health.



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