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HIV Community Conversations: #UequalsU

HIV Community Conversations presented by Napo Pharmaceuticals – Sponsored

Murray Penner from Prevention Access Campaign discusses U=U in second episode of on-going video series sponsored by Napo Pharmaceuticals.

Undetectable equals untransmittable, otherwise known to many in the HIV field as U=U is a global movement freeing those living with HIV to escape the fear of transmitting the virus to a sexual partner because it won’t be passed on if someone has an undetectable viral load and is on antiretroviral treatment.

In the second episode of HIV Community Conversations, presented by Napo Pharmaceuticals, Murray Penner, executive director for North America of Prevention Access Campaign discusses the success, challenges and goals of moving this campaign along and winning over those that still resist the factual and scientific evidence—the overwhelming volume of support for U=U.

Please note, that this interview was pre-recorded, so all of the information discusses and presented were accurate at the time of the taping. The video also was reviewed by legal, regulatory, and compliance internally by Napo Pharmaceuticals—although no changes were requested or made.

Disclosure: As always, I want to continue to be transparent with you all about any financial relationships that I have. Although, I am labeling this article as sponsored, because I am a social media consultant and Napo Pharmaceuticals is a client of my company (since that’s what I do for a living), they had no editorial influence over this article or the conversation. Prior to releasing the video, it did have one pass through their regulatory, legal, and medical offices to double check its accuracy and to make sure nobody got in trouble. This video completed that process without any edits or changes from Napo. How I am paid by Napo is simple: I am paid for my expertise relating to social media. Naturally, any ideas that I bring to them, I am excited to share on my imstilljosh channels because I want followers of those channels to see this content and conversations. When applicable, I always include the #sponsored or #sponsoredpost hashtags on social media updates. For more information about clients and my relationships from the current and past, please view my disclosures page.

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