Housing Works is First US HIV Service Org To Say: #UequalsU

Finally, the first nationally-recognized HIV and AIDS service organization bravely and ethically says the truth about those living with HIV and undetectable: We cannot transmit.

I have always been a quiet, nerdy comics fan and who doesn’t love the spandex that shapes the visuals of the superheroes? Nobody! So, naturally, Housing Works’ Undetectables Campaign catches my eye and the attention of many others.

Housing Works Undetectables Campaign
source: Undetectables Campaign Website

But besides the amazing creative and flawless website design of the Undetectables campaign, the campaign made an important declaration: Undetectable = Untransmittable!

Housing Works Has Balls!

THIS IS A BIG DEAL, because as I asked readers to do in my F*ck call to action article (called feisty by my pals at PositiveLite) and video, as well as one of my favorite HIV positive award-winning bloggers Mark S King’s ruthlessly brilliant article call to hold ASO’s accountable– we all recognize that waiting for the first organization to do the right thing and truthfully describe our infection level might take a while.

But it didn’t! (Well, maybe a bit…but who cares now? We have the precedent!)

And Prevention Access Campaign agrees and basically says: Hell To The Mutha F*cking Yea! (Well, I paraphrased.) 

“We are in the midst of the evolution of communications about people with HIV – and so far in the US it’s been driven by a unique alliance between a strong community of people living with HIV, leading public health officials, NASTAD, and the principal investigators and researchers of the major studies on the subject of HIV transmission risk. Now the first ASO is joining the right side of history. NYC’s Housing Works is the first nationally recognized ASO in the U.S. to update the outdated risk narrative about people with HIV. Their city-wide Undetectables campaign sends a strong, unambiguous and empowering message that emphasizes the critical role of adherence to stay a heroic and healthy “Undetectable” and keep your HIV untransmittable. It’s a wonderful feeling to live a city that treats people living with HIV with dignity, is serious about fighting stigma, and respects our rights to accurate information that’s vital to our social, sexual, and reproductive health. Housing Works and NYC DOHMH are leading examples of how an ASO and public health department can communicate this life-changing news to people with HIV and the public.” – Bruce Richman, PAC

Well, I’ll say it: Hell Yes!!! Thanks Housing Works! ?

Who will join Housing Works in truthfully, accurately, and ethically describing our viral risk? 

Let me be very clear: I will hold no punches or kisses in 2017. The rest of the U.S. HIV service organizations, you are now being put on notice. Don’t waste this opportunity to finally end HIV stigma. 





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