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HOT: ACT UP Tells CDC To Wake Up on HIV Epidemic

Known and compelling HIV/AIDS activist group confronts leading agency on HIV in a press conference in Atlanta releasing The Atlanta Principles demanding attention and priority be given back to the HIV epidemic. was granted early access to the document being released after today’s press conference and one day following the Monday, June 9th, 2014, meeting between ACT UP and the CDC during the 2014 STD Prevention Conference in Atlanta, GA.

ACT UP Press Conference in Atlanta promo

“The day after that meeting we’re holding a press conference with Atlanta activists to unveil a document that we’re calling the Atlanta Principles. They are guidelines that the CDC should be following in its nationwide efforts to prevent HIV. In many aspects of prevention, the CDC has grown disturbingly complacent as noted by HIV infections staying at 50,000/year for 10 years in spite of new prevention tools.

The agency’s increasing focus on smoking and obesity has allowed a new generation of largely LGBT and low-income Americans to AGAIN bear the brunt of HIV infections in this country. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!” (Source: ACT UP’s Facebook Event Page)

Here’s the entire document unveiled during the press conference: The Atlanta Principles. is reaching out to the CDC for reaction from the meeting with ACT UP, the press conference and receiving The Atlanta Principles from the activists. When we receive comment or reply, we will update this article.


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