#UequalsU Hits Washington D.C. @DCtakesonHIV

Take a first look: D.C. Mayor leads the nation becoming first to sign consensus statement from Prevention Access Campaign and launches campaign with Department of Health.

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The momentum of accurately describing those that have reached and maintained an undetectable level of HIV as not capable of transmitting, a scientific fact, has hit Washington, D.C.! And this is huge news!

The Washington, D.C. Department of Health and the D.C. Mayor endorse #UequalsU at a press conference at 11am ET, and they are launching a very cool inclusive campaign city-wide this summer that will include the #UequalsU hashtag! has advanced access to the images and campaign creative and we think it’s pretty cool!

“For nine consecutive years, the District has been able to work together with the community to decrease the number of new HIV cases. We know we have more work to do, but this data is good news for our city and our residents,” said Mayor Bowser. “In just one decade, we have made tremendous progress, and today, our residents who are diagnosed with HIV are getting care faster and they are starting – and staying on – treatments that we know are effective.”


According to a press release to

“The Mayor also joined community members and District health experts in supporting a consensus statement around an evidence-based approach to interrupting HIV transmission called “treatment as prevention.” To support the approach, the District will participate in the online campaign #UequalsU, which stands for “undetectable equals untransmittable.” #UequalsU is a worldwide effort led by the U.S.-based Prevention Access Campaign to promote Antiretroviral Therapy (ART). The campaign is based on evidence that the risk of transmission for a person with HIV who is on ART and achieves an undetectable viral load in their blood for at least six months is negligible to non-existent. The evidence comes out of a National Institute of Health-funded study known as HPTN 052 that examined participants at 13 sites in nine countries.”

[tweet_dis][/tweet_dis]The campaign is pretty cool and shows an inclusive representation of different perspectives of those living with HIV.


Key Points to Know & Celebrate:

  • A 73% decrease in new #HIV transmissions since ‘07.
  • D.C. DOH is the latest #UequalsU community partner.
  • D.C. DOH is the 2nd health department in the nation to join #UequalsU.
  • Mayor Bowser is the FIRST mayor in the nation to sign the #UequalsU consensus statement!
  • D.C. DOH launches its own #UequalsU campaign!



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