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#PositiveMinutes: Beating HIV Stigma on Dating Apps

Watch this video from Josh Robbins if you are feeling discouraged by the HIV stigma that you encounter on dating apps.

Stigma is anything that tries to impede someone living with HIV from actually living well inspite  of a diagnosis with HIV. At least that’s how I define it.

And it begs the question and reflection: is it possible to end HIV stigma? That’s an answer that we can all argue all day long. But regardless of that answer, and whether you think that stigma is fantasized or experienced, stigma is still affecting the lives of millions of individuals living with HIV every year. And that is a shame.

For me, one of the first things that I thought about after my diagnosis in 2012, was whether or not that I would become a victim of stigma. Although I haven’t been perfect in not allowing many things said to me and people’s attitudes toward me for no other reasons except that I was living with HIV to not affect me, I made a choice a long time ago to believe that through education, being open about my own journey living with HIV, and be eliminating anything (or anybody) from my life that was toxic towards my goal of living well.

This video comes from my own journey attempting to live well (and yes, have sex again) after my diagnosis. It’s my hope that any of you that are stuck in the remains of what HIV stigma has done to you or how it’s impeded your journey to living well, I sincerely hope this video will encourage you and light that fire and unblind your testy eyes– reminding you that you are beautiful. And you are sufficient. Because I promise that you are!



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