HIV Documentary “STIGMA” Cuts at Heart of Epidemic

Dillan Forsey scores in this short HIV documentary on every level imaginable — from accurately telling the story of those affected by HIV, to showcasing his skills as an authentic filmmaker.

Watch this HIV documentary: STIGMA here from filmmaker Dillan Forsey.

Stigma: A Short Documentary from Dillan Forsey.

There are an estimated 33 million people living with HIV today. Despite their need for love and care, they are often met with the stigma of the past–a fear of a disease that once meant almost certain death. However, things have changed.

We can help to stop the disease and the stigma surrounding HIV by getting educated. Visit for more information or seek out a local HIV resource center.

Special thanks to Chattanooga C.A.R.E.S.

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Click here to visit his vimeo account. 

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Be sure to comment, like and share his video, as a thank you for his time, dedication and for accurately portraying the stigma that many living with HIV experience.


Special thanks to my buddy and a true local hero, Vic Sorrell, for making me aware of this incredible film.  You are simply an amazing soul and Nashville is lucky to have you.

And shout out to my other buddy, Kevin, from No Shame About Being HIV+ and founder of RiseUpToHIV for having your t-shirt seen and proudly worn by someone bravely confronting HIV stigma.  Proud moment and congratulations! Yessir…

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