Diane, editor in chief of HIV Plus Wants This HIV App on Your Phone!

HIV Plus Editor in Chief

HIV Plus wants HIV-positive folks to live life to the fullest, staying healthy by using their new mobile app and drug guide.

As most of you already know, I am a nerd for new apps and all-things mobile– specifically those new applications that can help my pals (those living with HIV).  After an awesome P/R guru, Mark, messaged me about the new *free* HIV Plus Treatment Guide Mobile App, I want to make sure you know about it.  And it’s pretty straight-forward and useful!


HIV Plus Editor in Chief

“We’re hoping that if you’re HIV positive this is the only mobile app you’ll need. We heard from readers of our annual Treatment Guide in print how nice it would be if they could have all that information packed into an app on their phone because there aren’t any apps on the market right now aimed at people with HIV that include all the basics like pill reminders and viral load trackers along with the GPS-enabled pharmacy finder, and the most comprehensive info on every FDA approved medicine to treat HIV or AIDS. As someone who takes meds myself, I love that you can look up a picture, make sure sure it looks right, then see what the dosage is normally and what side effects I should watch out for. It’s easy and simple and free—three things we all like.” – Diane Anderson-Minshall, editor in chief of HIV Plus Magazine and creator of the HIV Plus Treatment Guide Mobile App

VERY COOL!!! And, Diane, seriously– great hair.  You are beautiful! 

The free HIV Plus Treatment Guide mobile app boasts having: “comprehensive information on every FDA-approved medication for the treatment of HIV and HIV-related complications. The app allows users to easily set daily pill and appointment reminders, find an HIV specialist pharmacy nearby, and access articles from the trusted health editors of HIV Plus magazine. This app is simple, secure, and powered with essential HIV treatment information.”

HIV Plus Treatment Guide Mobile App


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The comprehensive Treatment Guide mobile application includes:

• Medication Listings: Dozens of medications with photos for easy identification, dosage, side effects, precautions and interactions, and recommendations.

• Daily Pill Reminders: Set up the reminders along with photos and other info so you never forget your meds.

• Appointment Reminders: Never miss a doctor’s appointment again! You can set the reminders for both doctor and pharmacy visits as well as ADAP recertification.

• Tracking Viral Loads and CD4 Counts: You can see how your health is doing in graph form, so you stay on track month to month.

• Daily Dose:  Constantly updating health articles from the editors of HIV Plus magazine

• Pharmacy Finder: The GPS-enabled app will help you find a Walgreens HIV-specialist pharmacy near you wherever you are in the U.S.

• A detailed list of current clinical trials.

• Descriptions of complementary or alternative medicine options and their effectiveness.


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available on google play




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If you love the app like I do — be sure to TWEET DIANE  THANKS for the #HIV APP!



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