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World AIDS Day 2012 – Imstilljosh HIV

Josh celebrating World Aids Day

Happy World AIDS Day, y’all!

Today is such an important day… a day to remember those brave souls that we have lost to this epidemic in the last 20-30 years, a day to say thank you to medical professionals, scientists and research volunteers for their unrelenting quest for a preventative vaccine and cure, a day to recommit ourselves to a cause–ending AIDS in our lifetime and a day to remind the world that this immune disorder isn’t like it was years ago. It’s World AIDS Day and I’m stoked!!!

Josh celebrating World Aids Day



So, I have had a bit of writer’s block over the last several months, but I want you to know that I have been doing great! In Jan 2012, my cd4 was around 550 and my viral load was over 5 million. As of this week, my cd4 has rebounded to 790 and the viral load hovers around 1000. At the moment, I have chosen (with discussion and knowing the pros and cons) to not start Antiretroviral treatment (meds) because it appears that my immune system is keeping the disorder in check. With that said, I have a very intense regimen of vitamins and natural “assistants” (per se) to boost my immune system and fighters.

I am vocal against the stigma surrounding HIV because many amazing folks that are living with HIV can’t be for different reasons. I will be damned if for one second that I don’t at least attempt to remind those that either just found out they are HIV-positive or have been living with the immune disorder, quietly for many years to ever feel like they are in this fight alone or don’t feel that they are still exactly who they were before. I volunteer because it’s important. I bet HIV stigma hates me!


Y’all rock!!! Thank you for helping me almost make it a year “still” being me… 

I’m still Josh! You still be YOU!!!


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  1. Never stop keeping on trucking Josh. People must never forget – even people who have never lost anyone like all of us have. And don’t ever give up hope that the disease will be conquered. Hugs. Kent

  2. You rock baby! You are THE ROCK STAR! How is your mommy!

    Would love to talk/ grab coffee with you! I have the same number. Yes it is the one that you wrote down for me and taped to my phone!!

    Having back surgery on December and would appreciate any prayers you could send my way

    Love you forever,




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