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The Voice of Comfort to Grieving HIV Community After MH17

Did the AIDS Cure Die on Flight MH17

Iris Kroes became the voice of a globally mourning for MH17; issues statement to global AIDS community on loss.

Plus a free download of the song that literally brought me to tears by Iris Kroes, “I Still Cry”

Did you see the Iris Kroes sing this week during the memorial service for those killed on Malaysian Flight MH17?  ONE word: Perfect! 

Iris’ voice wowed me and literally put me in tears when I was watch the Dutch memorial service on CNN this week, as the victims bodies were finally paid respect they deserved in The Netherlands.

Her sweet voice, powerful and yet perfectly restrained performance of “I Still Cry” as she played her harp, made the world seem a bit smaller and bit more innocent.

If you haven’t seen the performance, watch it now.

Iris’ statement to the Global AIDS community:

We can all do nothing against a terrible tragedy, we are powerless and sad.
It’s unbelievable that so much innocent families, doctors and children are victim of this plane crash.
People who were willing to help this world to do research for AIDS organizations, have come tragically to the end of their life.
It’s a terrible loss for the whole AIDS community, my condolences. –  Regards, Iris Kroes

Click here for a free download of the song “I Still Cry” performed by Iris Kroes

Special thanks to Iris’ management team, and specifically Masja for orchestrating the free download availability and providing


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