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  • HIV Positive Legislator's Bill Advances Tuesday Helping Disfigured Patients of old HIV Meds

    Breaking News: Bill sponsored by HIV-Positive Legislator Advances Tuesday to Help Those Disfigured by Dated HIV Meds

    Sponsored by former member of Massachusetts House, news comes as we celebrate HIV Long-Term Survivor’s Day Thursday updated 06/10/14 For people diagnosed with HIV in the 1980s, and even the 1990s, being alive today seems nothing short of a miracle. Many had been given months, even weeks, to live. A large number already had progressed […] More

  • HIV and GAY APPS

    4 Ways Gay Hookup Sites Have Us Talking About Our HIV Status

    Imstilljosh asked health journalist David Heitz to explore what’s new regarding HIV and hookup apps. Here’s what he came up with. (Publisher note: hires health journalist, David Heitz, for  fact-based original reporting articles.  David Heitz’s articles regularly appear on health information website –, among other noted publications.) We’ve heard a lot lately from […] More

  • Weed for HIV Positive People
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    Does Pot Slow the Spread of HIV

    Apparently it does in monkeys. But why won’t the government let scientists find out how weed can help people? Some members of Congress want action. People with HIV have talked about the merits of smoking weed for years. But now there’s some evidence to suggest cannibinoids may actually slow the progression of simian immunodeficiency virus […] More