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So @Vice_Video Just Did A Boss Profile On Me

Producers from VICE came to Nashville to document and share my story as an online HIV activist.

A few weeks ago, I got a voicemail from a producer and journalist with VICE Daily, an on-going series on that shares personal profiles of different individuals that are attempting to do newsworthy things and are interesting.

So, of course, I asked if they had called the right person or if this was a mistake? HA. Just “josh in” ya. I was literally thrilled and equally nervous.

For two and a half days, I had the opportunity to hang with an amazing journalist, Michelle, and videographer, Matt, and share (sometimes intimate details) about why I have chosen to advocate on behalf of those living with HIV, by sharing my personal story (generally) and my opinions on HIV-related news and buzz worthy topics (too much, probably). ?

A few weeks after the shoot and when I had returned to life without a camera crew following me around– it’s like I lost my own celebrity’ish documentary/reality TV team– I got a text that said that this video profile was releasing on me.

My main concern–as others have probably felt when you see yourself on video that other individuals edit–was: was I cool? I will allow you to decide that yourself, but here’s the profile that was released on: Josh Robbins, The Online HIV Activist.

Thanks Michelle and Matt for telling my story authentically and  making me feel like a superstar today! ?

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