To Be Continued…


What if… I didn’t have those extra drinks that night at the bar?

What if… I didn’t decide to go home with a cutie from the club?

What if… I didn’t allow myself, even briefly, to have unprotected sex?

What if… I didn’t get sick, which ultimately led me to my diagnosis?

What if… I didn’t know today that I was HIV-positive?

What if… I had sex again, and again, and again not knowing that I was exposing the next “hottie” that was trusting me when I said ‘I’m d/d free”?

What if… 

What would my story be then?

Although a simple “what if” — I have found myself day-dreaming about the possibility that any of these things could be my story. And wondering where that would put me today?

So where am I today?

I am educated about HIV. I am concerned about my health. I am advocating for the decrease in stigma for other HIV-infected individuals. I am proud. I am scared. I am surrounded by amazing life-long friends and newly acquired supporters. I am in love. I’m still me, though.

Becoming HIV-positive isn’t really my story. My story is evolving. And although a few have questioned my intentions– I remain dedicated to two important goals: 1) decreasing stigma surround HIV so others don’t feel as alone as I felt & 2) continuing the dialogue of prevention in my hometown of Nashville.

Do I want to be famous for it? Nope. Do I care that everyone knows “my business”? Not really. Do I have a true heart for the men in my city to feel comfortable if they are HIV-positive? Absolutely.

This … right here is my story. And like all the great SAVED BY THE BELL episodes– it’s To Be Continued.

I’m still Josh. You still be YOU!!!




  1. And I STILL love you for being you, for being brave, for being upfront and for sharing your experience so openly ! Lots of hugs and thousands of kisses !!!

  2. I, too started a blog 3 days after I found out I was positive. I still haven’t found the courage to go completely public, but have told about 10 people closest to me, and they all went in for a hug first off — something I didn’t think would happen. Your courage is inspiring. Your attitude through this is amazing. Thank you for helping to end the stigma associated with this virus. I can’t wait to see what else is in store for you!



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