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The Most Unique HIV Activism: Jason Is A Social Scientist

Jason Alvin Live Streams A 4 Hour Show Nightly

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The most unique HIV advocacy online is a 4 hour show called: Jason Is A Social Scientist

As of the night of this article, there have been 810 consecutive Facebook Live 4-hour shows that are raising awareness and tackling stigma one viewer at a time.

Could you commit to that level of HIV advocacy?

Well, if you haven’t seen this  truly bizarre, yet fascinating show by now, you have missed out on one of the biggest non-HIV themed, HIV awareness shows on social media—Jason Is A Social Scientist.

Image of Jason Alvin
Jason Alvin on his set for Jason Is A Social Scientist


Alvin takes this medication every day on Facebook LIVE from his Facebook page, Jason is a social scientist, while simultaneously running a second stream from a different angle though his YouTube channel,  named, “jason is a social scientist.”

The first time you see the show, you will be fascinated, confused, and wondering what the hell is going on. (My advice to you: just keep watching and listening, and reading the comments and then pop in the comments yourself.) By then you will see the star of the show, Jason Alvin, and you will hear him explain the show. 

“People often wonder what my show is about…the premise is deceptively simple…I take my HIV medication live on the book of face in front of friends, family, and strangers…I embrace stigma of all kinds including substance use mental illness and polyamory…hopefully dispelling ignorance and finding support.

If I were to have people take only one thing away from this show…then it would be the knowledge that HIV is preventable…if you are HIV negative there is a once a day pill that works like a highly effective chemical condom it is called #PrEP or preexposure protocol [sic]…and for people who are HIV+ treatment is prevention…by taking my medication everyday and maintaining an undetectable viral load…I am keeping myself and the people around me healthy… undetectable equals untransmissible #UequalsU…you could fuck me bareback all day long and never catch HIV from me…the future is now and it is 1969…free love baby RAmen”

He explains U = U in his own way—very effectively for those not in the HIV prevention and treatment space. He explains PrEP and he does it all while engaging with his loyal regulars and the new kids on the block in a unique way. And then you will see Jason take his HIV medication live on air. 

He’s been doing the show for over 2 years daily. And his reach is astronomical! Jason posted analytics from May 2017 – May 2018, he had over 2.5 Million views and over 3.5 million minutes watched. 

Activism comes in all forms. Jason has found something creative, helpful to his adherence, and effective for his audience. 

I’m a big fan! 

Plus hear Jason Alvin live on POZIAM Radio this coming Sunday!!!

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