545,000 Reasons I Love Justin Bieber

The pop star just gave a half-million dollars for HIV research.

Justin Bieber Donates to HIV ResearchPeople call out Justin Bieber for all sorts of reasons.  (And most may not even judge ya, you bullies!)  But, if you’re willing to kick the pop star while he’s down, you better be willing to applaud the fella when does something awesome.

For the record, I love Justin Bieber for exactly 545,000 reasons plus one.  (That one is below the article.)

So, call him names, if you must, and give the pop-star a hard time for doing something pretty egg-head to his neighbor allegedly and the recent arrest and TV court drama… But– a bit of credit is due for one recent, amazing act of kindness and support that many of us living with HIV sincerely appreciate: He just matched a donation of $545,000 last week to amfAR, according to Nigel Campbell of Instinct Magazine.

“Justin Bieber was the talk of the amfAR Cinema Against AIDS Gala in Antibes, France last week during the Cannes Film Festival when he donated a whopping $545,000 to HIV research.” (source: Instinct Magazine)

Wow! That’s pretty awesome, Justin. So, to thank him, let’s all watch the music video that made him famous, in my opinion.  And yes, this is the additional reason that I love the Biebs.

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