Positive Support for GLAAD #SpiritDay

Im Positive Spirit Day

GLAAD creates exclusive social card for HIV Positive Individuals to Support Spirit Day Efforts on 10/15

Spirit Day is one of my favorite awareness days in the year.  #SpiritDay

What is Spirit Day? 

LGBT youth are bullied at much higher rates than other students. Let’s show them they’re not alone and stand against bullying by going purple this Oct 15th. Take the pledge today!

Watch the video about #SpiritDay!

Take the pledge to support #SpiritDay 2015!


Take the Spirit Day Pledge

And is so proud to be the first partner to share the social media support card created by GLAAD showing support of #SpiritDay by those living with HIV (and others that just want to be positive on the day)!

Im Positive Spirit Day

Save the image on your mobile device or desktop and add it today to your social profile!  Thanks GLAAD! 


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