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HIV Long-Term Survivors

Long Term Survivors of HIV

We love and support HIV Long-Term Survivors!  Today, a total social media reach of: 3,266,028 said “THANKS to LTS”!

You have been an inspirational set of warriors for yourselves, for others and for me– even before I was diagnosed.  I can’t thank you enough for your wisdom and leadership.  Others join me in saying thank you!

3266028 Total Social Media Reach

Here is the message shared with audiences on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram.


We also tip our hats to HeadTalker for empowering this huge social media thank you! Check out their platform… we were successful in our campaign and their CEO provided extra special support and we thank them tremendously! 



Long-term survivors of #HIV are heroes that navigated the most difficult time in the HIV epidemic, rallied the activists to pursue better treatment, and now offer tremendous wisdom, experiences and love to us newly diagnosed and our allies! We live easier lives because of their experience and we not only acknowledge that, we realize how impossible our ‘today’ would be without their ‘yesterday.’

So, for no reason except to humbly say thank you, we applaud and show “LOVE 4 HIV Long-Term Survivors”!!!  They will never be forgotten, are never invisible — every single one of them matters– EVERY SURVIVOR COUNTS.


This social movement of support and vocal admiration is supporting the 2nd National HIV/AIDS Long-Term Survivors Awareness Day, June 5, 2015 under the direction of: LETS KICK ASS – AIDS SURVIVORS SYNDROME (LKA).


#NHALTSAD #EverySurvivorCounts #AIDSLongTermSurvivors #AIDSSurvivors #BePartOfYourFuture


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