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HIV Positive Sailor: I survived sexual assault and mistreatment

US Navy Sailor Christopher Brewer shares details about his brutal 6-hour sexual assault, HIV diagnosis while in the Navy, and says he won’t stop until we fix the mistreatment of victims. is honored to share Brewer’s story exclusively, after he shared with his story a while back.  His journey is one that he now controls and we salute him for making the decision to use his own story to help others and fix a system that re-victimizes those that are sexual assault survivors.  Follow him now on Twitter.

He ends this video with something amazing:

“I do want you guys to know, I’m still me.  I’m still Chris! There is nothing changed.”

From YOUTUBE:  “Many of you know my private life is private. Some of you know what exactly this video is without looking at it. I don’t post everything that happens on Facebook or Twitter but over the last two years you may have noticed my post about Sexual Assault, Rape, Military Sexual Trauma and Sexual Assault Retaliation. I have decided to share my story to give those without a voice more hope and laws to protect them. You are going to hear the parts of my story that I can tell at the moment. Once I am able to share my whole story you will hear the worse part of it. This is that part that has lead to my issues in the Navy and its part of the reason I am currently embattled against them. I was going to post this early this morning (July 11, 2015) but YouTube took forever to process it and I passed out. With that being said I have since called both my dad and grandmother who both voiced their support of me. So here is to owning my story so when it hits the media soon it’s not news.”

If you are in the military and need help because of sexual assault, please visit:




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