New PrEP Study Results in 100% Protection

HIV Video Minute covers results from a new PrEP study that shows 100% protection for those who are adherent to HIV prevention pill.

You seriously can’t get any better results than 100 percent effectiveness, right? Although there are things to consider in the results like the location of the trial (San Francisco) and the high number of STI’s in the results, this is something to be thrilled about right?

Watch: HIV Video Minute with Josh Robbins: PrEP Study 100% Protection

Watch: 100% Of These #PrEP Users Were Protected from #HIV100% of the participants that were adherent in a new PrEP Study remain HIV negative — and I’m all over this junk in this week’s #HIVvideoMinute!

Posted by I’m Still Josh on Thursday, September 10, 2015

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