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HIV Positive Canadian ‘Not Guilty’; Rep Tarnished

After the first trial for an HIV-positive man in Canada got declared a mistrial by a judge for a ‘juror’ issue, a judge solely decides that the HIV-positive man is not guilty.



I am not publishing the name of the person found ‘not guilty’ intentionally.

Publications in Canada have already published, without worry, the name of the HIV-positive male accused of wrong doing and breaking the law.  You can see examples here, here, and here.

But according to one Canadian news website, the victim cannot be named, “due to a publication ban.”  But who cares if the accused gets the same privacy, I guess, right?

screenshot of news bias
screenshot from a news website refused to publish the victim’s name– the accuser.


Well, now it does matter. 

The HIV-positive guy that was just taken to hell and back… IN THE PUBLIC…. is innocent.

Will they now publish the name of the person that didn’t win the case, twice? Probably not.

This is why I believe that the current laws in the US and Canada are so backwards relating to how an HIV-positive person is held to a standard that isn’t fair, that isn’t protecting of our privacy and that is potentially damaging if we find ourselves falsely accused.

It’s simple: personal responsibility.  And keep our names out of the media unless a guilty verdict is read.  THE MEDIA JUST VICTIMIZED an innocent man.  SHAME ON you! 

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