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Unsure/Positive Series Releases On World AIDS Day

Crowd funded HIV digital series supported by activists and advocates announces online release.

On World AIDS Day (December 1), Unsure/Positive is being released! It tells the story of Kieran, a young man who has just learned that he is HIV-positive. The first season is about the stigma that plagues him in light of his diagnosis.

“Most AIDS narratives in media traditionally tend to treat HIV positive people as the ‘other,’ and usually include the inevitable death of poz characters. My story is about what it is like to be diagnosed, what it is like to deal with that information today,” says Kiley.

Unsure Positive Series

“Recently, celebrities like Charlie Sheen and Danny Pintuaro have come out of the HIV closet, but this story is different. It’s not about bravery and honesty in the limelight; but rather the phenomenal courage and confidence it takes to come out for the vast majority of HIV positive people. They deal with problems like getting a job, keeping a job, finding health coverage, dating, disclosure, and explaining what “undetectable” means to a friend or family member. It’s complicated.”

The dramatic series manages to illustrate the comedic irony of self-perception being both the principal conflict and the only evident solution for its main character, played by Kiley. The excellent cast is rounded out by spot-on performances from Amy DePaola as Kieran’s best friend Allie, cameos from Tommy Derrah (known for his years of work with the American Repertory Theatre), Maureen Keiller (Spotlight, Fever Pitch) and veteran improv actor and comedian Ken Breese (Inventory, Nerdist Stage).

Unsure Positive Series

The producing team behind Unsure/Positive consists of Kiley, a Boston indie producer, Amy DePaola of Greenview Entertainment, and Rose Ellen McCaig of Pretty Strong Girl Productions. [full disclosure: I am credited as an Associate Producer.]

Unsure/Positive was produced in cooperation with the AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts.

On December 8th, Kiley will attend the 33rd Annual Caucus Awards in Hollywood, where Unsure/Positive is nominated for the Golden Circle Award.

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