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Review: DripDrop Hydration Powder

Josh Robbins, HIV Positive Activist & HIV Blogger, Reviews DripDrop Hydration Powder

Whether  you have been with since the beginning, like me, or you just found this hub for all my social media engagements, there are a few things you probably already know about me:

  1. I love to offer encouragement to those living with HIV, especially the newly diagnosed;
  2. I like to make funny faces; and,
  3. I don’t really review tons of products or services, although when I do, I am never getting paid and I always give my factual opinion.

Well, this is one of those reviews that I find very interesting and wanted to tell you about this product.  Again, full-disclosure here (as I’m also required by the FCC and my own ethics): I am not being paid for the post,  I have no gain from the company that makes this product.  They did send me a few samples of this product in order for me to try it.  The samples were not given in exchange for this article, however.  Fair enough?


I was contacted by a marketing professional on behalf of DripDrop.  The email was actually pretty smart, in and of itself.  You see, as a blogger, I am sometimes covered up with requests by companies to share their marketing messages with each of you.  Unless, I believe in the product, story and/or success, almost every one of those queries goes into the special filter in my email entitled “trash.”  This one never got close.  Also the marketing professional took the time to learn about me from my posted articles.  She did the right thing before emailing me (learning about this space- kudos to her), so I wanted to learn more about her product pitch.



Product:  DripDrop Hydration Powder

From the product materials and marketing materials, the product claims that it is “patented and clinically shown to better hydrate.” Okay, that’s good.  And that it is good to use after sickness or something that may cause often bathroom visits.

As an aside, have you noticed of the few products that I’ve ever reviewed, the majority have to do with a visited to the bathroom.  (DudeWipes?)

Anyways, there is a reason for the interest.  Did you know that one of the symptoms of HIV can be diarrhea?  It’s gross, yes. But, let’s be honest– if people like bloggers didn’t talk about issues that many of us won’t talk about in public, how do we all find solutions or helpful information.  Early on in my diagnosis I experienced this issue a lot.  There are still issues from time-to-time.

According to a recent Healthline article, “Untreated diarrhea is especially dangerous because it can lead to dehydration.”  I have HIV.  I’ve experienced some nasty diarrhea since being diagnosed.  And DripDrop Hydration Powder says they can help hydrate a person faster.

Therefore, this was destined to be a product I wanted to review and try for myself.  After, receiving the package in the mail from the marketing executive for free, these are my thoughts below.


SnewdripdropboxBerryFullResmell of the powder: Great smelling!  Like the juice company we all loved as kids!  

Taste of the powder: (2 flavors… Berry & Lemon):  I’m not a lemon fan, so that one was a bit off for me, but my partner tried that flavor and loved it.  

Ease of dissolving powder in liquid: Very simple.  Great mix ratio!

Taste after mixed with water:  It was naturally a little watered-down for my over-excitement, but the drink after being mixed smelled fresh!

Ability to finish:  Yes, I was able to finish.


Did I make me feel better after using?  It’s hard to tell exactly, but I always immediately got energy, felt alive and was read to keep my dance going.  Good enough proof for me!

I’m not a doctor and I have no idea if this product does everything it says, but I can tell you I felt good after consuming it.

Would I recommend it? Absolutely!!!

Congratulations DripDrop Hydration Powder, on being named a 2014 ISJ-Faves!





Finally, not only is this product being named one of the 2014’s ISJ-Faves, readers also get the highest discount that they offer on the product, to be like me and just give it a try.  So, below is a coupon.  I don’t make anything for this review.  But, try it and seriously let me know if you loved it like me!

DripDrop VIP Online Coupon



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