#PositiveMinutes: Stop Apologizing (Video)

In a new motivational series of videos, Josh Robbins shares perspective of how positive thinking can mean living well.

You deserve to look in the mirror and not apologize. You are beautiful, and special, and perfectly imperfect perfection.

#PositiveMinutes is a new series of videos that I will be sharing on social media that speaks to the essence of how to use the power of your mind to overcame the many issues that you may face.

The messages in these videos aren’t specifically going to focus on living well with HIV, although the context and perspective that I bring to these video series certainly is derived from my journey living with HIV.  The videos will share some of the ways that I continue to belief have helped me maintain a healthy positive spirit over the last 5 years!

I just want to speak life to each of you that view the videos or at least give you something that speaks to you. I also want to share messages that allies of those living with the virus can relate.

Watch #POSITIVEMINUTES: Stop Apologizing For How You Feel. 

#PositiveMinutes: Stop apologizing for how YOU feel. If nobody else has told you yet, it's valid. Watch this. ????#Loveyourself ????????#power

Posted by I'm Still Josh on Wednesday, February 8, 2017


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