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Origami Condom Creator To Repay NIH Funds?

Origami Condoms

Daniel Resnic, creator of the Origami Condoms, which received $2.4 million from the NIH to develop a special condom that might be submitted for approval for anal sex says he must repay taxpayer funds according to emails acquired by Washington Free Beacon.

In a statement sent to, NIH would not comment on the breaking news that the Origami Condom project  inventor Daniel Resnic says he will repay the taxpayer funds, or some of it at least, used during the research.

NIH does not comment on potential or pending litigation.”

Follow up to the statement emailed to, we specifically inquired if the funding was under any investigation. That inquiry was not immediately returned by publication time.

If you remember, David Heitz, reported about the Origami Condoms in his report on titled: FDA: CONDOMS NOT APPROVED FOR ANAL SEX. sent an email to Fenway Boston, inquiring about the reports, as they were reported to be conducting an condom / anal sex study according to Edge Media Network.

Origami Condoms made big news after being supported by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation:

‘Origami Condoms provides an excellent example of a private enterprise focused on new condom design to promote consistent use by emphasizing the sexual experience,’ their blog post reads.

And several politicians, including Ron Paul, took a punch at the NIH for the spending on the research.

Watch Daniel Resnic at a TEDx Event talking about what consumers deserve.

Story will be updated as more information becomes available.


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