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HIV Video Game? Cool!!

Im Positive HIV Video Health Game Jam Winner 2014

After winning the CDC ‘Health Game Jam’ in 2014, the creators explain to why they created a video game that educates teens about HIV.

Recently I had the opportunity to video interview the creators of a new computer-based video game called, ‘I’m Positive.’  These techies answered the motivation behind the game and some of the insight into why the developed it during the 2014 CDC ‘Health Game  Jam’ (which they won, of course!), as well as some of their future plans with the game concept.

According to Towelroad, IM POSITIVE “is simple, cross platform, and designed to give you the experience of learning that you’re HIV positive from a first person perspective. After receiving a call from a former sex partner you, the player, begin to navigate through a series of events that are informed by the revelation that you yourself might be positive.”

Watch the interview now. 


Congratulations to this innovative health game aimed at educating individuals about HIV.  I like cool things, and this is certainly a cool game.  

According to the HIV game’s website, the CDC will be doing a study in 2015 to determine efficacy.

Watch a preview of the game.

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