Here is what to do if you experience advocacy fatigue

Leading HIV advocate Kamaria Laffrey details how to overcome advocacy fatigue.

Ever thought to yourself that you are just done with advocating for HIV or another important issue?

It’s normal to question whether you should continue doing the important advocacy work from time to time. It’s okay and healthy to question if your work matters or is effective.

It’s called advocacy fatigue.

In another episode of HIV Community Conversations presented by Napo Pharmaceuticals, I am joined by the amazing Kamaria Laffrey to discuss advocacy fatigue and how best to resolve it.

HIV Community Conversations: Balance & Advocacy Fatigue with Kamaria Laffrey and Josh Robbins

Kamaria Laffrey and Josh Robbins discuss overcoming advocacy burnout and how to stay balanced when there is so much important work to be done. Join us for another "HIV Community Conversations: Balancing Advocacy with Life" on 8/23 at 3pm ET

Posted by Napo Pharmaceuticals on Friday, August 23, 2019

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