Film Review: Sex in an Epidemic

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Josh Robbins reviews Outcast Films release of “Sex in an Epidemic”      (a Sunyata Films Production)

Sex in An Epidemic Poster
“Sex in an Epidemic” released by Outcast Films

[col grid=”2-1 first”] The basics:  2010 Documentary by Jean Carlomusto,

Color, approx. 60 minutes

Producer, Director, Editor: Jean Carlomusto

Cast:  Michael Shernoff, Richard Berkowitz, Larry Kramer, Lawrence Mass, Rodger McFarlane, Cynthia Gomez, Maxine Wolfe, George Bellinger, Kenyon Farrow, Waheedah Shabazz El.[/col]

[col grid=”2-1″] Synopsis (provided*): By focusing specifically on the need for honest comprehensive sex education, this engaging documentary provides a sociocultural perspective on the history of the HIV/AIDS epidemic and its ongoing impact on the most effected populations including the gay, African-American and Latino communities. Incorporating interviews and media footage from the earliest days of the AIDS panic through the present, “Sex In An Epidemic” reminds us that, though the world has been living with the realities of HIV/AIDS for nearly 30 years, ignorance and prejudice about the disease must still be combated.[/col]

*provided by: Outcast Films

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[quote]”In a unique period of time, when living well with HIV/AIDS is completely possible with daily medication, it’s important to be reminded of the path and history that that this disease followed to be able to put our mind around the ‘how this is possible’ questions and thoughts– Carlomusto beautifully, and with great respect for the road paved by many still living and others having passed on from AIDS-related health issues, shares the real history of the HIV/AIDS epidemic that is too often forgotten or in my case–not known.” – HIV Blogger & HIV-Positive Activist, Josh Robbins (  [/quote]

[quote]”Carlomusto’s strength in producing, editing and directing this documentary shines, reintroducing (or many times actually introducing) those newly living with HIV/AIDS with the activists and pioneers that paved the way for us to be able to live successfully with medication.  This documentary shares a true social argument that demands being discussed again. This is a fantastic documentary and a must-see for HIV activists of all ages.”  – HIV Blogger & HIV-Positive Activist, Josh Robbins ( [/quote]


☆☆☆☆☆ – 5 STARS from!

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