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  • HIV Stories from HIV Positive Activist and Blogger Josh Robbins
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    REAL talk with The Body HIV site

    The most personal interview I have ever given about HIV, disclosure, telling my family, childhood trauma and sex– exclusively on I had forgotten that I did this phone interview in June 2012 with Warren Tong from, but their Executive Editor- Olivia Ford, emailed me the other day to notify me that she was […] More

  • HIV activist and blogger Josh, from appears on HuffPostLIVE
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    Talking HIV and Equality on HuffPostLIVE

    With the nation waiting to hear from the Supreme Court regarding potential cases they are considering issuing opinion, HuffPostLIVE contacted me yesterday asking me to again appear and share some thoughts…   “This is not a political issue” … “it’s simply, am I as equal as you?”  Thanks for having me on, HuffPostLIVE! I’m […] More