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[Video] Michael Johnson Victim Speaks Out (Part 1)

Chuck Pfoutz, alleged victim that contracted HIV from former college wrestler Michael Johnson,  speaks exclusively to about the trial, the Buzzfeed journalist who published his name, and life after the 30 year sentence given to Johnson.

In agreement for this interview, and Pfoutz agreed to only refrain from mentioning the names of the other alleged victims, as well as to share the link in promoting Pfoutz’s new book-  A Victim Speaks: My Side of the Story.

I have read the entire book, personally, that I purchased at full regular price, prior to our interview. This interview contains two parts.

Please note: I did receive his identification to confirm his identity. Many of the allegations that he makes in this interview are not confirmed independently. We are interviewing Pfoutz based on some of his own testimony and based on assertions made his book.  Pfoutz’s charge was the only count during the trial conviction that was found to be “not guilty.”

**Also, please note that I am avidly against the criminalization of HIV based on the abundance of solid research that does not support it. This interview was given to finally hear from someone that allegedly experienced the process of these laws unfolding. I thank Chuck Pfoutz for agreeing to an interview with me– someone well documented as being anti-HIV criminalization in any circumstance.   




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