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[Video] Alleged Victim of Michael Johnson Speaks Out (Part 2)

Chuck Pfoutz shares his story and allegations against Michael Johnson, the former wrestler convicted of criminal HIV exposure in Missouri.


Disclaimer:  As I note the first part of this two-part interview with Chuck Pfoutz, many allegations and statements made in this interview were not independently verified and fact-checked because of the lack of resources of It is also important to note that Chuck Pfoutz’s allegations against Michael Johnson was the only “not guilty” verdict given by the jury. This interview is being shared to allow Chuck Pfoutz to tell his side of the story. I did not conduct a background check on Pfoutz and there are reasonable questions that are being raised about his past. I support those with the means to conduct that in-depth journalism to conduct an investigation. I thank Pfoutz for sharing this interview with me. Pfoutz gave no disclaimers prior to our interview. I made an agreement with Pfoutz to not edit his answers and to allow him to promote his recently released book: A Victim Speaks: My Side of the Story

This part of the interview includes his response to my questions about the 30 year sentence given to Michael Johnson, how he felt the day that the Buzzfeed journalist published his name as well as the others involved in the case, if he believes Michael Johnson intentionally infected him with HIV, and what he wants to say directly to Steven Thrasher.


At the conclusion of this interview, I ask Pfoutz if this interview was fair. I am very well documented as being highly against any form of HIV criminalization, for any reason. I understand that my views on this issue is very polarizing, but I am entitled to that opinion. This interview was conducted in a  manner to allow Pfoutz the platform to share his beliefs and his version of the experience.  I intentionally chose not to challenge Pfoutz’s beliefs with my bias, but instead, ask the questions that many in the community were asking already and allow him to answer. I attempted to respect his views, while only questioning a few (but not all) inconsistencies I found in his answers. A few of these inconsistencies were exposed by the defense team during the actual trial. This is a unique opportunity to learn about the experience of someone involved in an HIV criminalization trial.

I sincerely wish Chuck Pfoutz and all those involved in process healing and comfort in whatever manner that may come. I also hold true to my original statement about the sentence being “barbaric” and “unfair.” That complete statement is available in my HIV Radio Minute podcast.


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