Take Josh’s 2014 “Getting Tested Resolution”

join the 2014 Getting Tested for HIV and STD Resolution

Join the “2014 Getting Tested Resolution” –make your sexual health the most important resolution this year.

join the 2014 Getting Tested for HIV and STD Resolution

As you probably know, this blog and site hasn’t chatted directly (too) much about STI prevention in the past.  Ever wondered why?  It’s pretty simple– when I started almost two years ago, it was a tool for me to describe my personal journey as a newly diagnosed individual living with HIV.  It was the method (the bullhorn, really) that I utilized with hopes of encouraging others that may have just learned of their HIV status to continue living and to find strength from my choice of openly talking about HIV in my life.  So, naturally, instead of using this platform as a tool to continue the HIV prevention conversation that has been taking place for years by so many others, I felt that using this blog to benefit those living with HIV, directly, was the best path.

It doesn’t mean, nor has ever meant that I de-value the HIV prevention message or education campaigns.  It is actually the opposite.  By openly sharing details about my personal health and journey living with HIV, I believe that it may have allowed HIV to become real for others that are HIV negative– becoming an impetus for those individuals to examine the risks that they take, as well as an educational opportunity for those HIV negative people to understand how the negative stigma associated with this virus affects me and some of buddies.  By exhaustively joining the “you better get an HIV test” dialogue, it would have been misplaced because those of us living with it don’t need an HIV test– and at times, it could be counter productive for us to be reminded of the resulting status regardless of how we became HIV-positive.

However, one area of sexual health that I believe is very important, and less discussed is the importance of preventing other sexually transmitted infections, testing for several STIs, and being empowered to make wise choices and decisions based on the results from a complete STI check-up.

There are many STIs that our community needs to be talking about, preventing and testing:  chlamydia, gonorrhea, oral and genital herpes, syphilis, and hepatitis B and C. [There are others as well, I’ve tried to narrow the list a bit, but for over-achievers, there are more.]  When was the last time that you (HIV-positive or negative) have been screened for all of these?  EXACTLY! For many of you, if you were like me, almost never got tested for these, even if you were regular in your HIV testing.

Therefore, I am excited to announce the 2014 “Getting Tested Resolution” to advocate making a full STD testing health screening a priority for all sexually active individuals, yearly.  As you may not know, some STDs are hard to detect without testing as they may have no outward symptoms.  So, this is all about empowerment through education via personal responsibility.  Getting a full STD examination shouldn’t be a taboo topic and there is should be absolutely NO shame or name calling (‘that person must be promiscuous’) that is deserved for an individual that wants testing for STDs and taking the initiative to learn those personal results.  I actually believe that someone knowing everything they can about their own personal sexual health is pretty hot.  It means that person is smart.  Smart = HOT!

According to the CDC, here are three reasons to get tested for HIV and other STIs:

  1. Finding out early can help you live a longer, healthier life.
  2. If you know, you can look out for yourself – and the people you love.
  3. It’s easy. HIV testing is typically free, fast, and confidential.  (ISJ note:  Other STI screening is a cost you should expect with any general provider.  But, it’s worth it, in my opinion.)

YOU GET IT… YOU GET IT... So, now what?

If you want to get an HIV test (free, confidential and fast), visit the CDC “Get Tested” initiative, part of the “Let’s Stop HIV Together” campaign.  You can also locate an HIV testing service nearest you by clicking the image below.


If you want my recommendation (and a 2013 ISJ Fave recipient) for a complete STI checkup, I asked my pals over at for something so impossible and big, that I figured they wouldn’t be able to say to ‘yes’ — BUT they did!  I asked for them to give me their largest discount EVER to pass along to you all.  And the result is pretty amazing.  But all things must come to an end.  So, it’ll only be available to you, until Jan. 31, 2014. After January 2014, this discount code will expire. USE DISCOUNT CODE:  JOSH2014 for $90 OFF their COMPLETE LAB TEST PACKAGE.  Umm! WHAT?  How cool is that!?!?  The best thing that I found out about this service, is that is almost always local to where you live, as they have relationships with labs all over the country.   

Learn ALL the DETAILS by clicking here or this image:

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SO DO IT!  Take the 2014 “Getting Tested Resolution” this year and join me and others that resolve to making our own personal sexual health a priority this year!   It’s simple: a smart sexually active person, is someone that is ‘in-the-know’ regarding the results of a thorough and current STD testing exam!

[Full disclosure:  I am not making any money or gaining anything whatsoever from this company, this deal or this opportunity.  I sincerely asked, in hopes that you would be empowered by knowing the results of a complete STI check-up.]  So, thank you Elissa, from for saying “yes” to this discount.


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