New TLD .hiv Adds Josh Robbins to Policy Advisors

Josh Robbins .hiv TLD advisor

New Top Level Domain .hiv Adds Josh Robbins as a Policy Advisor; Expected 2014 Launch

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The idea is simple, but the impact could be incredible– dotHIV will establish the Top-Level Domain .hiv as the Red Ribbon of the digital age. .hiv will generate funds to support the dedicated all over the world, raise awareness of the topic HIV/AIDS and work against the stigmatization of people living with the virus.

To ensure that the registration policies for .hiv-domains and the funding guidelines for the future donation allocation happen in conformity with the HIV/AIDS-communities, dotHIV is assembling a circle of advisors, and recently named me to that list!  Cool, huh? 

Josh Robbins .hiv TLD advisor

[quote]”dotHIV can only succeed with the constant feedback and input from HIV activists and experts, and it’s such a pleasure to have Josh Robbins. founder of HIV Blog, joining our HIV Advisor Pool. To have him on board means that we can integrate his voice in our work – a voice that is an inspiration for so many in the HIV community.”
Carolin Silbernagl, dotHIV gemeinnütziger e. V.[/quote]

Josh Robbins becomes .hiv Policy Advisor

[quote]”I am so honored, humbled and appreciative of this incredible initiative and invitation to work alongside incredibly successful individuals and organizations in the HIV community that could change the digital landscape forever by launching .hiv as a new top level domain. I’m aware of this tremendous responsibility and opportunity and I will do my best to continue to offer the insight I’ve learned from having the chance to connect with so many living with HIV through my blog, and the wisdom I’ve experienced from other activists and long term survivors. I look forward to working efficiently and effectively in leveraging the power of the internet and social media with this smart, innovative and compellingly passionate team. I’m so proud to represent the United States as a Policy Advisor.” – Josh Robbins,[/quote]


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What is dotHIV?
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Basic Concept of IDEA

.hiv will be the first domain-ending ever, solely serving a social cause.

.hiv will become the Red Ribbon of the digital age.



Other Policy Advisors include:  Donna Bawden, CEO at ALAFA (Lesotho); Martin Hower, Klinikum Dortmund gGmbH (Germany); Jan Bildhauer, GoAhead! e.V. (South Africa); Charlie Homer, GAGA UK (UK, South Africa); Dr. Britta Thege, create future e.V. (Germany); Ivo Procházka, Czech AIDS Help Center (Czech Republic); Oleg Eryomin, “BelAIDS Network” (Belarus); Marcus McGilvrya, Africaid, WhizzKids United (South Africa, UK); Joya Banerjee, GBCHealth (United States); among several others. View the entire .hiv Policy Advisors here.

dotHIV - The Red Ribbon of the Digital Age

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