Exclusive: Part 2 of Tyler Orr Speaks

Tyler Orr HIV Activist Interview

HIV Activist in South Carolina is facing two felonies for allegedly not disclosing prior to sex. But he says he disclosed. The other party said he did not. Guess who has to prove he is innocent?

In an exclusive interview, an HIV activist enthralled in a well-publicized criminal battle (a battle lacking any substantive value towards Tyler Orr’s reputation by media witch hunts), speaks with Josh Robbins and answers specific questions about the incident surrounding the charges, the person making the claims and being protected by the media, and more.

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Our thanks to Tyler Orr for his bravery in answering our questions, and his honesty.  #isuppORRt Tyler Orr! 

Tyler Orr and Josh Robbins Interview : HIV Activist Arrested for Nondisclosure

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